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We know Jon Call, as Jujimufu as the stuntman, the gymnast, the acrobat and what not.

No wonder, the 32 years old, popularly known as Jujimufu has no left no stone unturned to impress the world with his jaw dropping tactics that have even convinced his critics on the power and abilities he possesses.

However, things are not as ‘natural’ as someone would randomly think about Jujimufu, who himself, many a times, admitted of using juices and gaining what he has today. It is for this reason, people generally call him the anabolic monster and even, the anabolic acrobat.

So what makes him so special then?

Well, despite owning up of using steroids, or say, taking the unusual route to such miraculous strength and strapping body, people love the weighted chair split video star and love to watch whatever he has to offer for their entertainment!

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Well, here is a closer look to his life, journey, trainings and diet that sketches us what and how Jujimufu is all about!


Jujimufu is all known for his extraordinary remarkable fitness stunts that often make us question his existence as a human! The young and abnormally powerful Call was also seen in America’s Got Talent where he not only awed the audiences, but made the judges sweat hard too.

However, his struggles for the days like these are not a recent affair and dated to an age he was too young and tender to handle such arduous regimes.  According to him, he started learning Taekwondo and following eating plans from the time he was 13- which was his very first start.

Following a year, he began practicing tricking and became proficient in Acrobolix until he reached adulthood.


The now acrobat expert got to know about tricking through an online source that motivated him to a point he started practicing it himself.

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His parents, though, have no concerns from his interests and allowed him to join a gym near to his school. It was the time when Call started doing squats and deadlifts which he believes, he enjoys the most to this date.

However, something which he did most of his life is learning flexibility which the muscle-bound beast masters today.


The 5’11 guy follows his tricking in comfortable weathers and follows resistance training nearly throughout the week.

But Jon does not believe in overstressing himself at the time of training seasons, he too, allows his body to take rest like all the normal people do. This enables his body to make up for the losses and respond to his trainings well.

In addition to this, he normally wraps up his trainings 1-2 months before the year ends. This is the time when he does not workout, or follow any kind of eating program at all.

Coming onto his diet, that is the Jujimufu diet, the Alabama weightlifter chose to be too precise stating that he goes along with a generic bodybuilder diet that perfectly balances the bodily related goals he has.

Essentially, he eats six times a day keeping his protein content higher. Jon further stated that he does not mind elevating his carb consumption as far as he keeps his fat usage lower.

He further commented on his food preferences, identifying hypoallergenic and angriest foods as his favorite and vegetable and fruit drinks as his first choice for keeping his health in the best of the best state.


As stated earlier, Call himself has admitted of using steroids and supplements in his normal training cycles. Though, there are no precise details pertaining to the names of these steroids.

No wonder, his overly jacked body and his over-the-extreme strength depict other side of the story, which is seemingly impossible without the use of steroids.

In an interview, Jujimufu stated that he uses agents that best fit his pocket, thereby, it can be considered that Jon is one such guy that is supported by performance enhancing drugs, perhaps, a little more than his natural potencies.

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Jujimufu says that he did what best triggered him- something he would love to do even if he earns nothing from it.

This is his passion that is adding to his fame with every passing day, but if, he hates his job, he would never like to pursue it at any cost.

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His message for his fans is the same, do what you love to do, something you believe is meant for you and not what people think is good for you.


Jujimufu achievements are worth the praise. No wonder, he is a role model for people who belong to the same field or at least, have the urge to follow his footsteps and be as fearless as him.


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